Friday, August 19, 2011

Updates and Found Photography

So its been awhile since I've updated this blog and alot has happened...My computer crashed...I fixed my computer...I started setting goals for myself...Eric recorded a pretty badass intro song....I completely restructured my film...filmed a ton...interviewed a few people....preparing to interview more people....and now the film is finally started to look like a real film, rather than just a collection of sequences.  I'm really hoping that by the end of august I'll have a good rough cut, because I want to spend alot of time on music and sound...and I need a picture lock soon to focus on all that jazz.

The newest event that has happend though is the discovery of old pictures of Russel, for a long time Russ told me that he didn't have many photos from his past.  Then two weeks ago Russel pulled out a few reels of slides and a slide projector...and just like that, we finally had pictures of Russel though the years....unforunatly though most of them were destroyed by a water leak in Russels ceiling.   

Here are a few pics I took of Russels house to better demonstrate what Eric and I went though to collect these photos!!....The boxed and the reels were covered in mold.

I bought a converter so I could digitize Russels slides....I honestly thought everything was destroyed, but slowly I started to uncover some really amazing photos.  The camera he used was apparently stolen from Marshall Fields.

This photo was taken during Russels time in the military in Japan. 1953


A circus that Russel went to while in Japan. 1953

taken from a boat.

Russel on his property. 1973

Russel going hunting, hes in the blue hat.

These last few photos were ones that were damaged by the water, but I still find them very beautiful.


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