Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seen from Space!

So awhile back I was introduced to Google Earth....for those of you who are not familiar, it is a program operated by Google obviously...and you can basically look at any part of the earth via pictures taken by a satellite orbiting the Earth.

Well, I looked at my house, Wrigley Field, Lowell High School...etc. etc....So in bordom I decided to see if I could see Russel's reef.....and to my surprise there it was!!

not only is it the only ferro concrete reef in the world....its the only ferro concrete reef in the world that can be seen from space!...kind of.....the more time I spend on this project, the more "firsts", and "only" titles this place aquires....its pretty amazing to be part of something that can be considered absolutely original....This picture is probably years old though, Russel is constantly adding to the reef....if fact I helped carry out at least 40 creations last spring....and just in the past few months the reef has expanded so much.

Next time I go home I plan on taking a few pictures so people can see some of his new creations...for now though here are a couple non satelite photos of the reef.

Sorry some of the creations look camera refused to white balance for me!....More pics to come!


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