Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the Beginning

To be honest I should have started this blog years ago,  I started working on this project two years ago with Eric...the guy on the right in the picture.  We've been working together since High School...and are both graduates of Columbia College of Chicago....all pretty boring stuff, all you need to know if that we shared a common passion and wanted to make films together.

This project started as a school assignment...I really had no feelings one way or another toward documentary...I really hadn't seen many, but we decided to make our very own documentary anyway....
Somehow we came upon the idea of making a documentary about our friends dad, Russell Neswick....Who brought it up...I really can't say....but growing up he always seemed kind of crazy...I don't want to sound judgemental, but if you put the facts together he would seem pretty crazy to anyone....hes 80, he lives in the woods in a pretty decrepit house, he microwaves meat, and he spends almost every waking minute of his life building a concrete reef.  

We really didn't have any expectations on what we wanted to accomplish,  typically we would meticulously plan out our films....and to be honest, we have never really been happy with the end product....so we just assumed this would be a disaster.

It doesn't take a film genius to realize that this movie is pretty rough....and even though we never really expected to take this project any further than what you just saw, we did....and it would turn out to consume the next two years of our lives...in fact with each passing day we give more to it....and it may sound crazy to dedicate two years of ones life to something that started out so rough...but you'd be pretty naive to actually think we had a choice...this stuff picks you...and one thing I've learned from Russell, is that its just kinda in your own best interest to go with the flow of things.


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