Monday, November 29, 2010

Just about There.

Well, over thanksgiving I finally picked up my new computer....and I absolutely love it...its nice to have a piece of equipment that you can count on.  The problem with working completely Independent is that no matter what equipment you have, you always dream about what you could create if you had just that one more thing...that one thing that will allow you to take it to the next level.  Last year I got my new camera, and even though I had a pretty awesome camera I was never completely happy cause I knew I had a piece of shit computer sitting at home.

Now! I finally feel like I'm at a place where I can create a product that I can be proud of!  The documentary I've been working on was perfect because I didn't need the best equipment...all I needed to do was use what I had at my disposal to capture life as it was happening...Russell uses what he has at his disposal to create his fish and reef....its a lesson I learned from him.  Take was life gives you and create....its actually what being an outsider artist is all about.  So I believe that my lack of resources will actually add to the film.

In addition to my new computer I bought my first copy of Avid to edit on!...I finally have a reliable computer and editing program....I'm just praying to god that when I install the program it will recognize all the work I had previously done....if not I guess its back to the drawing board....I have really come to appreciate my film on a whole new level these past few weeks...its scary to think that its all gone.  If everything works out I will take full advantage of my second ...actually third opportunity.

One update actually...Eric is going to start composing some music for a trailer...I've come to realize that we  need to cut a trailer together girlfriend ana is actually the one who came up with the idea, so I'm hoping that it turns out amazing!!....cause its time to start fundraising.

I'm going home this weekend, hopefully its nice so I can go and see him hang some Christmas lights and film him building in his workshop!....I'll return with more pictures.

                                                               Power Puff Fish
Russel will sometimes use pop culture as an inspiration for his fish....this is what a Power Puff Girl would look like if she existed in Russel's Reef as a fish.....some of it is pretty bizarre, but for the most part its amazing.

- Elliott

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